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Reasons to Use Cessna’s CBI Program

Cessna Aircraft Company first had the vision to develop a complete system of pilot instruction with in-depth coverage of ground school and flight training which is fully integrated into a Computer Based Instruction (CBI) system.  Cessna’s CBI has been available for eleven years and remains the leader in the field of high-tech flight training. CBI is an effective training tool being used by Cessna Pilot Center flight schools large and small.  Purchase yours from Wings Air Charter at the SPECIAL INTERNET price of $329.95 including shipping and start training today!

10. CBI is a complete flight training package.  Each kit has everything you need to complete the necessary training.  The CBI includes 27 CDs, comprehensive textbook, integrated flight maneuvers, training syllabus, 172 Pilot Operating Handbook, flight computer and plotter, FAR/AIM on CD, Pilot Training Standards, integrated practice exams, student database, and a flight kit bag.  You won’t need to purchase anything else.

9. CBI is FAA Part 141 approvable.  What does this mean to you?  You can train in less time, saving you money.

8. CBI is a fully integrated system.  Each detailed flight lesson is integrated with computer training allowing you to "fly the lesson" on the computer with actual in-flight video footage.  CBI first reviews the preflight, then covers all the flight maneuvers in subsequent lessons.  By knowing and understanding the maneuvers and topics that will be introduced next, you are more confident and better prepared for each flight lesson, allowing you to advance more quickly through training.

7. CBI includes a complete training syllabus designed to be a “user friendly” training course outline allowing you and your flight instructor to keep track of items completed or to be completed next.  The syllabus is also integrated into the Course Management Module (CMM), which is the #6 reason for using Cessna’s CBI.

6. The Cessna CBI is the only computer-based system to include a CMM with which student progress with both the ground school and the flight lessons can be automatically tracked.  Each flight instructor knows at a glance which items need to be completed for each flight, which items were successfully completed, and which items are to be covered in subsequent flight lessons.  By knowing which questions were not answered correctly in the ground school segment, your instructor will also be able to track areas in which you may be having difficulty and offer remedial instructing as necessary.

5. CMM also includes a student database, which allows your Cessna Pilot Center to track your progress.  By knowing where you are in your training, your flight school can smoothly transition you to another instructor if the need arises.

4. CBI includes interactive practice exams.  An exam follows each training segment and when you miss a question you are automatically directed back to the pertinent section of the lesson for additional review before retaking the exam.  There are also extensive exams at the end of each training course that are designed to be similar to the examination that you will see when taking the actual FAA written exam.

3. CBI is a complete ground school, which can supplement or even replace classroom-based or textbook-based instruction.  You learn fundamentals, information, and theory.  Unlike other programs on the market, Cessna’s CBI is not merely a test prep teaching only the minimum needed to pass the FAA written exam.  You learn much more than just the correct answers to FAA exam questions.

2. CBI is fun to use.  Using animated graphics, in-flight video, and other special effects you will remain interested and motivated.  Videos of aviation history add to the entertaining learning experience.

1. And, the #1 reason to use Cessna’s CBI is: it works.  Although the FAA requires a minimum of 40 hours of flying time to get a Private Pilot Certificate, the national average is about 75 hours. With Cessna’s CBI, the average is 46 hours. With today’s prices, that is over a $3000.00 savings in flight training costs. CBI has proven its worth in providing the highest level of training, complete standardization of the training syllabus, and complete management of every phase of your progress.  CBI is the most advanced flight training product that money can buy.  With CBI, Cessna continues to lead the way in flight training with an entertaining and high-tech way to train future pilots.

Though there are other computer-based flight training programs on the market, there is no other package that offers so much value to the student who want to become safe, proficient pilots than Cessna’s CBI.  The CBI program gets you prepared for the fun and adventure that only flying an airplane can provide.  And, once you become a private pilot, extend your horizons and challenge yourself with Cessna’s “Cleared for Approach” Instrument course or “Cleared for Hire” Commercial CBI course.

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