Fractional-Ownership of a Cessna 310R

Own a 1/8 share of a 6 seat, twin engine, 200 mph airplane, for less than $25,000!

$150.00 per month covers insurance, hangar, management, and concierge service.


As a fractional owner you:

Travel on your own schedule.

Fly to over 6,000 airports the airlines don't.

Won't wait in lines.

Arrive 5-10 minutes before departure instead of hours.

Need not worry about lost luggage.

Will not travel with people you don't know.

Can do business in several cities in the SAME day and still be home for dinner.

Fly non-stop to most cities.

Save 30% to 40% when compared to charter rates AND benefit from tax savings as an owner.

See our Frequently Asked Questions Page for lots more information on our shared ownership program.

Cessna 310R wing tip Wings

Cessna 310R Fractional Owner aircraft

twin cessna interior N2643Y

seats Cessna 310

Cessna fractional owner shared business aircraft


Did you ever wish you had access to a company airplane without having to have hundreds of thousands of dollars invested? Now you can!

Most companies that own their own aircraft fly 500-800 hours per year. For the company that wants the cost saving and convience of aircraft ownership but does not have the need to fly as much, shared ownership is the answer. Along with the tax benefits of ownership, splitting the fixed costs of acquisition, insurance, aircraft management, and storage between several parties greatly reduces the costs associated with ownership. Shared ownership is the economical alternative for the user that will fly between 50 - 100 hours (10,000-20,000 miles) per year. It's like having a corporate aircraft at your service without all of the fixed costs that normally go along with ownership. Other than the $150.00 per month to cover insurance, hangar, and management fees, the aircraft costs you nothing when you aren't using it. You only pay the actual costs of operation and for the pilot when you are using the aircraft.

Management and Pilot Services provided by Wings Air Charter LLC. See the map below showing time rings that show approximately how far this aircraft will travel in a given time.

For additional information about this program, e-mail us at or call Kurt at 715-572-9464.