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Amish Airlines - Submitted by Pete Jacoby
Safety Question?  Would this dusting of ice require a de-icing before the attempting to fly this aircraft?
Would you let these two diagnose YOU?  I think the one one the right should try contacts or laser surgery in lieu of those thick glasses.  It's no wonder he needs the other one along to see where they are going.
The Frozen Tundra! By Tom & Tim.
(sorry guys, you missed the game)
N19643 at Der Schwarzwald with Rose and friends.
The 1st Annual Wisconsin Rapids Balloon Rally was held at Alexander Field on August 25th and 26th.  Although the balloons didn't launch on the evening of the 25th, the winds calmed down in time for the Balloon Glow.
It was quite a sight as the balloons would light up.  Sometimes at random...sometimes in unison.
Sunday morning the launch went off as scheduled.  The pancake breakfast was a hugh success as well.  Much of the procceds for the rally went to the Children's Miracle Network.
As the balloons drifted off to the southeast, many were already making plans to attend the 2nd annual rally.
Just prior to the 2001 EAA AirVenture, a large contingent of women aviatiors do a mass fly in to Oshkosh.  Here, in order, are Lynn McCloskey, Rose Parmeter, and Donna Adamczak as they get ready to head out to join the group.
This BAC 1-11 arrived in May 2001.  It brought in a large group for Stora Enso.  It is one of the largest aircraft to ever land at Alexander Field.
We have a great view out the office window.  Whether it is our office in the sky or the office on the ground, we can often look up and see some amazing sights!  Here is one late afternoon in the Summer of 2000 as a storm was starting to move across the airport.
December of 2000 produced more snow than we have had in years.  This picture is shot across the ramp as the sun was setting.  The neat thing that caused this picture to be taken was the vertical beam of light emitted as the sun set.
This picture was taken out the window at Indianapolis Aviation.  We had just signed the paperwork for the purchase of N295ME.  There she sits (in the middle) just before we brought her back home.
This was picture on the trip home of the panel.  Notice how the needles on the gauges appear to be broken.  Right on 4000 feet and right on course.  What a Pilot!
This picture was shot in December 2000 outside the Cessna single engine manufacturing plant while we sere there for the seminar.  They wouldn't let us take any pictures inside on the line.  This is the best we can do!
New Years Day 2001.  This is a picture of a Northwest Charter 727 sitting at Signature Flight Support.  It was sitting just across the ramp from N1338G.
The Charter configuration of a 727.  The Minnesota Timber Wolves were going to be flying on this later in the day.  A little more room between the seats that your average coach class seats.
The cockpit of the Northwest 727.
As we move forward in the cockpit of the 727,  there is an airplane we recognize! I'm glad the pilots of this 727 are not seeing this picture in flight!