I've always wanted to learn to fly but:

It's too expensive!
The average cost of obtaining a pilot's license is only about $5,000.00-$7,000.00.  What other recreational activity can you get involved in now days for that kind of money?

Can you find another hobby that:

  • Will offer the fun and excitement and beauty of flying?
  • That will five you the satisfaction of earning a pilot certificate?
  • Will last for a lifetime like your pilot certificate?
  • That you can participate in for all four seasons?
  • That can enhance your other activities by getting you to those far away destinations in a fraction of the time?

  • For that same $5,000.00 to $7,000.00 you could:

    Scuba diving, Snow skiing, Bicycling, Golfing, and most recreational activities are expensive. Think about it.  When flying is put in perspective with other activities that people enjoy it's really not expensive.  The price of flying has remained basically the same for many years while other recreational activities have continued to climb.  In today's dollars, flying cost less than ever!

    I could never afford to buy an airplane.
    You don't have to!  You can rent an airplane when you want to fly.  You won't have to worry about maintenance, hangaring, and other expenses associated with ownership.  If you really love flying though, aircraft ownership is something you may decide on later.

    I'm too young.
    If you are big enough to see out and reach the controls, you are old enough to start.

    I'm too old.
    We have several pilots in their 70's that fly at Wisconsin Rapids

    I don't like to read.
    Hey, either do we.  With Cessna's awesome new Computer Based Instruction that we offer at Wings, you don't have to!  Learning is fun on this great new system.  The computer will make sure that you are taught thoroughly.  It won't let you go on to the next lesson if you're not.  By the time you come out for your flight lesson, you will have already seen all of the flight done on your computer at home!
    I'm not smart enough.
    The regulations say you must be able to read, speak, and understand English.  If you have trouble learning new things, it might take you a little longer but so what?  We're patient.

    I work odd hours
    Hey, so do we! We can work around your schedule.

    I love to fly but after a while I don't feel so good.
    We can start with short lessons.  Most people that have trouble with flying or motion sickness get used to the feeling of flying after a few times in the air.  Almost everyone feels a little light headed after the first few lessons.  Maybe it's the Clean air up there!

    I hate flying!
    Forget it!

    What's your reason?  Call Wings Air Charter LLC at 424-3737 or e-mail us and we will try to answer your questions.