Sport Pilot Flight Training

Our 2012 Cessna 162 Skycatcher has arrived! Wings Air Charter is the only Cessna Pilot Center in Wisconsin to offer flight training in a Skycatcher. Now you can get your Pilot's License in half the time and for half the money with the Sport Pilot License. As a Cessna Sport Pilot, you DO NOT need a FAA flight physical. Your Sport Pilot certificate allows you to fly anywhere in the USA other than in designated airspaces around busy tower controlled airports. You are licensed to fly during daylight hours, in visual conditions, with one other passenger in light-sport aircraft such as our Cessna Skycatcher or equivelent. With our Sport Pilot training package you will receive 20 hours of flight time in our 2012 Cessna 162 Skycatcher and 20 hours of Instructor time from a FAA Certified Flight Instructor (CFI). Since you are receiving your training from a CFI and not just a Sport Pilot Instructor, all your training will count toward a Private Pilot rating if you ever decide to go on.

The Skycatcher is Cessna's new Light Sport aircraft. It is not a plastic or fabric airplane with a snowmobile engine like so many light-sport aircraft are. It is an aluminum aircraft with an aircraft engine that is designed, engineered, tested, and supported by the same company that builds everything from Cessna 172's to Citation Business Jets. As part of the Sport Pilot package, you will also receive Cessna's Sport/Private Pilot On-line training course and materials to help you learn everything you need to pass your FAA Written and Practical Tests.

Call us at 715-424-3737 to set up an appointment to come out to our facility at the Wisconsin Rapids airport and see this awesome new airplane up close and personal. We will show you how easy and economically you can learn to fly and become a licensed pilot.

Financing Available through Pilot Finance!!

Materials included:


Cessna Sport Pilot Training System- (Click here to see a demo of the kit and package breakdown) Warning: This link will take you to a different website. Our price is $50 less than the price shown there and WE pay the freight so be sure to come back to order directly from us. This system is included at no charge with your Sport Pilot package.

Click here to order the Sport/Private Pilot on-line course for ONLY $329.95!


Sport Pilot Ground School

In addition to the Sport Pilot Package we are offering a Sport Pilot Ground School! You will receive an additional 20 hours of instruction for only $195.00.

The ground school will be a 8 week course in the evening. This course will help prepare you for your FAA Knowledge Test and give you a better understanding of: Aerodynamics, Airports, Airspace, Weather, Aircraft Performance, Navigation and more!

Even if you do not wish to start your flight training right away but have an interest in Aviation this course will get you involved and keep you informed.

Books and materials (if needed) can be purchased for this class.

If you are interested in enrolling in our Sport Pilot Ground School, Sport Pilot Package or Both fill out the form below!
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