Cessna's Computer Based Instruction from Wings is the ONLY way to learn to fly!
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Become a Private Pilot in record time!


You'll solo - & get your Private ticket in record time as Cessna's new program ties your groundschool theory to the "hands-on" of flying.

A complete learn-to-fly system

Absolutely everything you need is built-in - packed inside your Sport/Private Pilot Course kit.
First, you learn on the computer exactly what you'll be doing in the air.
Then when you actually climb into the left seat, you're fully prepped - free to concentrate on flying...
on getting a feel for the controls, & listening as your instructor helps you make essential in-flight associations.

Price:$329.95 including freight
Your kit includes:

  1. CPC Leather Folio
  2. Cessna On-line Course for Sport & Private Pilot 
  3. On-line access to dozens of FAA and Cessna Publications 
  4. Safety Supplement
  5. C-172S Information Manual
  6. Private Practical Test Standards On-Line
  7. FAR/AIM On-line
  8. Cessna Pilot Logbook
  9. Cessna Handbook On-line
  10. Private Pilot Syllabus On-line
  11. Student E6B Flight Computer/Plotter

Playful interactive computer quizzes let you know right away if you've understood a new concept.

You'll be entertained & taught by the worlds best flight instructors, who use a lively blend of proven teaching techniques. Your computer Labs and Flight Lessons are all presented in full-screen video, right on your computer screen - not just tiny inset video clips.

Immediately following each lab, a video "Flight Lesson" right on your computer lets you virtually view (and feel) your upcoming flight experience

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Simple, Just call us at 715-424-3737 to order your Cessna Sport/Private Course or Click on one of the PayPal buttons below. Dive in when your materials arrive!  You will go online to activate your software so you can go right from start to finish at YOUR pace. After that you can learn with your instructor or come to us an fly our BRAND NEW 2012 Cessna Skycatcher or our Millenium Edition Cessna Skyhawk.

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Everyone's positively "gushing" over Cleared for Takeoff®!

"We don't normally gush, but the Cessna/King curriculum is truly impressive. It's logical, well presented, visually appealing, comprehensive & easy to use."
(Jane Garvey, Aviation Consumer, July 1999)

"The retention is amazing-my instructor's already talking about my soloing!"
(Jay Hopkins, Flying Magazine, October 1999)

"Everybody shout, 'Hallelujah!' Ground school ain't ever gonna be the same again!"

(Ralph Hood, Airport Business, Jan/Feb 1998)

Look at all you get!

Minimum System Requirements: High-speed access to the internet with a Windows or Mac Computer, Speakers, Mouse.

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